About Me

First, thank you for taking the time to explore Prosper’s website! I know finding the right care for you can be challenging and confusing. My one advice is to find a provider you “vibe” best with and your success story will be tenfold.

A little bit about me: I married my high school sweetheart (typical midwest answer, right!) and are coming up being together longer than we havent in our life. We both have big dreams and collaborate well on achieving those dreams.

In school, I had the opprotunity my last year of rotations to uproot the midwest and move to Charlotte, NC for a year to complete my clincal rotations. To say that was the best decision for us and our marriage is an understatement. We were forced to grow as a couple, thrive on our own, and made so many memories and experiences out there. If you ever get the opprotunity to uproot and try something new, DO IT!

In Charlotte, we were blessed with our first pregnancy and had to make a tough decision following graduation of where to live. Ultimately, we wanted our baby (and future babies), to have a relationship with family outside of the two of us. This pulled us back to our roots of Tea, SD. We are truly thankful for our expereinces in Charlotte and relate those expereinces to our story today. Following my graudation and our return to South Dakota, we were blessed with our daughter, McKinley. A few short years later, our son, Graham made his enterance to the world. Our children are our pride and joy even on those tough days!

In our free time we love to spend it outdoors; camping, fishing, hunting, boating, taking the kids to the park, we are here for it! I like to break away and go to our local gym for some “me time” as running and strength training are a big part of who I am (and keeps my sanity!).



“At the end of my pregnancy I had AWFUL lower back pain that left me waddling even worse than before. We figured it was my SI joint weakened by baby weight and relaxin. Sara devised some exercises I would do in the mornings and at night. Strengthening those muscles helped TREMENDOUSLY!! I could walk and move much more easily right up until I had my baby!”

Hannah, 26

“As a new mom, I love the convenience of having Sara come to me and provide services in the comfort of my home. She makes it so easy, comfortable, and truly cares about how I feel. I have seen immense progress in my postpartum journey since starting therapy with her!”

Shelby, 30

“I have struggled with leakage since high school track days- I thought it was my normal. Then, I found Sara and Prosper PT all these years later. My leakage with activity is down to less than 50% of the time! I am truly grateful for my care!”

Amanda, 42

Image of therapist demonstrating diaphragmatic breathing to a patient who is pregnant while she is laying on her back.

My Story

I’m Sara, Physical Therapist by trade with a huge love for helping and supporting prenatal and postpartum women!  I’ve always had a dream of opening my own practice and that dream became a reality in January of 2023! I too suffered with my own problems while pregnant; constipation, low back pain, pubic bone pain, you name it I probably experienced it. Don’t get me started postpartum, that list seemed a mile long, pantyliners anyone?!?! Until I truly took the time for me to get the help I needed, then I realized the potential there truly was to not be a societal norm but to be MY norm, and that was an asymptomatic journey! That’s right no leaking, no painful intercourse and God willing if we ever do decide to get pregnant again, that journey will be completely different as well! This is why I am on a mission to break the societal norms and create YOUR norm! This is why I niched into pelvic floor physical therapy, because there are so many of us out there who are underserved from mainstream media, MDs, etc that true education in this area is needed! That is my mission.

My Values & Beliefs

Function is number 1

Yes, you will probably start off your healing journey on a therapeutic table, however, my belief is to get you off that table as quickly as possible. Think about it, you are experiencing problems while jumping, for example, everything may appear to be fine while laying on a table, but thats not the case while jumping. I want to see you move functionally to truly get to the solution of your problem.

You are YOU first

I understand that being a mom is challenging, overwhelming and honestly overstimulating at times. I value you and where you are at mentally, physically and emotionally. My goal is to meet you every single session where you need me to be. We may have a plan leaving a session for your next session, however, come that next session you and your body are not ready, that is totally fine! You are YOU first!

Time is Time

I value time as a precious moment. I respect your time as if it was my own. I strive to show up to your scheduled appointment on time and will leave in a timely manner as well. 

My Approach

When people hear the word “pelvic” or “pelvis” many of our brains go into that fight or flight mode like “oh heck no she ain’t doing anything with any of that!” We can thank our modern world for creating this stigma engrained into our brains. I want to take you on a more “gentle” approach if you will.

My approach is a little different than most. We first sit down and chat about your problem and really dig into what may be causing that problem. Many times, the pelvic floor is the symptom you are seeing, however the root of the problem is somewhere else. That is where my detective skills get to come out and help you find your solution. I will look above and below the chain and really do a full body assessment. We call ourselves pelvic floor therapists because we incorporate the pelvic floor into our care, not because every session or treatment plan includes a pelvic exam.

Image of therapist looking up at pelvic model with a curious look on her face.

Let’s get you on your healing journey. Message us below.